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MessageSujet: CALLING LOST BOYS FANS   Dim 4 Fév - 19:14

There's been talk of a Lost Boys Sequel since 1987. Be it David returns from the Dead, Before the Emersons, or The Lost Girls, ideas have been flying since it came out.

The Lost Boys fans have had their opinions on whether or not a sequel/remake/prequel should be made. The general consensus breaks down into two groups:

a) It was great the first time, don't ruin and good thing, it's been too long, b )and there's room for a sequel, but they would have to be very careful to make it decent.

So here is what you need to know about the sequel:
Starts shooting in 07 in Sand Diego, CA.
It's a low budget, straight to DVD release.
Little is known of cast/plot, we know it revolves around surfing vampire.
Alright. This sounds like a blatant shame to the Lost Boys' name. There are two major problems I have with the sequel:

1)Low budget, straight to DVD release: I'm all for low budget films. I'm a great supporter of independent film, and the original Lost Boys didn't have a big budget either. They actually didn't have enough money to build an entire set for the Lost Cave, so they built it in platforms and moved them around for different shots. It's not the low budget I have a problem with, but that it seems to indicate that Warner Brothers and the people in charge of this movie aren't putting much time and effort into it. Warner Brothers is reputedly a high-budget film company, reserving there low budget ones for their subsidiary Warner Independent. The Lost Boys is a cult classic. If Warner Brother's and the others working on this project wanted to do a good job, they could definitely pull for a high-budget. The Lost Boys was made 20 years ago, but new fans keep coming and old fans still love it! People love The Lost Boys. If they put a half decent sequel out, most fans would go see it just because they would want to check it out. However, WB decided to use a small budget and not put the film in theaters. Does that sound like the people in charge of this project are putting a lot of time and care into this?

2) Surfing Vampires: alright, this is just a really good example about how this film has NOTHING to do with The Lost Boys, short of the title. In The Lost Boys novelization and in the original screenplay, there was a scene where Michael wanted to take a shower, but the water burned his skin. He turned it down as cold as possible, but running water burned him. In the extended Max Death Scene, the fire sprinklers come on and Star says something like "it doesn't burn anymore." Vampires cannot be in running water. The Lost Boys went with the more classical vampire laws, where vampires are allergic to Holy Water and have to be invited in and such and can't be in running water. I ask you, how can one surf if one can't touch running water? Isn't the ocean the ultimate running water? It moves an awful lot! So, since the main point of the plot is just one giant plot continuity conflict with the original, what does that say about the movie?

I do not have a good feeling about this. It was either a good sequel, or no sequel at all, and this does not seem like a carefully thought out sequel. It is just something they threw together twenty years after the original. They didn't bother to make the plot fit together. They didn't bother to give it a decent budget/distribution where there is clearly a market for one. This is not good.

There is a reason they call them Cult Classics. They have a Cult following. The Lost Boys fanbase is pulling together with other fanbases associated with the Lost Boys (Kiefer Fans, Alex Winter Fans, 80's Fans, Joel Schumacher Fans, Vampire Fans, etc) and creating a petition and some internet protests. The link at the top is one such video. So pull together, and let's see if we can let WB know how we feel about this! C'mon, there's a lot of us! I've met Lost Boys fans from the States, the UK, Sweden, Belgium, Canada, wherever! So when the petition goes up, sign it please. Make a YouTube video, make a blog, post a bulletin, shoot some emails and messages on Myspace and such around. Get the word out to people and let them know how you feel. I'm not saying all of you have to go picket WB's studio, I'm saying that there's something you can do to protect a good movie.

Here is some information about the sequel:

If anyone has any further interest in this there is an ongoing discussion happening here:

And here’s an interesting video about a lost boys sequel:

Video by CatLady
Text by Vinyl.

If your interested you can sign the petition here.

Thanks for your support.
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MessageSujet: Re: CALLING LOST BOYS FANS   Mer 15 Aoû - 1:39


Two Coreys Aren't Lost From Lost Boys 2 - DVD News
By Rafe Telsch: 2007-08-13 06:57:05

The Lost Boys is one of those perfect movies. Sure it’s a little dated and somewhat campy at times, but both of those elements are what makes up a great deal of the movie’s charm. So, needless to say, a sequel worries us greatly. Especially since this is a direct to DVD sequel.

Anyone watching their reality show knows that Corey Feldman was asked to put in a cameo appearance for The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe, which was a particular point of breakdown for Corey Haim, who wasn’t invited back. Haimster and Feldog are a package deal, however, so Feldman put his foot down and refused the role unless Haim could come too. Now Moviehole is reporting both Coreys will be in the sequel, along with the other Frog brother, Jamison Newlander. No doubt this is only a cameo appearance, and since Haim’s role has been tacked on it’ll be interesting to see if he even gets to say anything. Still, this actually makes the sequel a little more interesting to me. At least there’s some tie to the original movie.

Other cast details I hadn’t heard about: the movie will star Stifler’s cousin, Tad Hilgenbrinck (American Pie: Band Camp) and the “OC”’s Taylor, Autumn Reeser. Speaking of family members, original big-bad, Kiefer Sutherland won’t be returning for the sequel, but his half-brother Angus Sutherland will be playing the primary vampire.

Looks like Angus Sutherland will be in the sequel. Kinda cool!
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MessageSujet: Re: CALLING LOST BOYS FANS   Mer 15 Aoû - 4:21

Sans Kiefer oubliez ça No et après temps d'années :scratch: oubliez ça aussi. Suspect
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MessageSujet: Re: CALLING LOST BOYS FANS   Mer 13 Avr - 13:31

une photo sympa de kiefer dans lost boys

ils ont du bien s'amuser pour tourner cette scène!!!
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